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Making Quality Bird’s Nest Affordable and Available for All Families

Jia Pin Bird’s Nest offers quality and affordable bird’s nest for families. Discover our range of bird’s nest products in our online store.

Our Bird's Nest

As one of the most recognised nutritious delicacies around the world, consuming Bird’s Nest is a centuries old Chinese tradition to improve the immune system…


Get to read, follow and learn our bird’s nest cooking recipes to create your

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nutritious bowl of bird’s nest dish, using quality bird’s nest purchased from our store.

How to Cook

We offer in-store sales promotions to celebrate unique occasions. Check back our page once in a while to find out what promotions we are having.


About Jia Pin Bird’s Nest

Jia Pin Bird’s Nest is synonymous with pure and natural bird’s nest, or Yan Wo, as commonly known in China. We are a family-operated manufacturer and supplier of bird’s nests, supplying to countries including Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


To meet the demands of our steadily growing market across the globe, we are setting up our base office in Singapore to help facilitate worldwide distribution of our bird’s nests. What differentiates us from the other manufacturers and suppliers of bird’s nests is our aim to provide the maximum benefit of bird’s nest to our valued customers — You!


Short of Gift Ideas?

Bird’s nest gift sets are one of the most

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popular gift choices for relatives, parent-in-laws, siblings and business clients. Deliver a smile to the faces of your loved ones or business clients with our popular Grade A Bird’s Nest gift set.

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