Jia Pin Bird's Nest | Our Production Process
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Our Production Process


Step 1: Harvesting Bird’s Nest

We ensure that our bird’s nests are housed under regulated conditions of heat, moisture, and sound that are ideal to produce the best quality  bird’s nest. Bird’s nest is generally harvested from the bird’s nest house after a period of 3 months (up to 6 months), while ensuring that there are no babies resting in their nests during the harvest.


Step 2: Removing Feathers

When removing the feathers, our team will be professionally dressed with gloves don on to ensure maximum hygiene. The feathers are then manually removed by our skilled team.

Grade A

Step 3:Processing Stage

When processing the bird’s nest, we make certain no artificial colouring, additives, commercial glue, preservatives or bleach are added, preserving the 100% goodness of the bird’s nest.


Step 4: Finished Products

The superiority of our products and our reasonable pricing are what make us a favourite among wholesalers, retailers, and end consumers. If you are a bird’s nests distributor, retailer, or wholesaler, feel free to contact us. We guarantee quality products and prices that are unmatched in the market.

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