Jia Pin Bird's Nest | Brand Philosophy
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Brand Philosophy

100% Quality Assurance Promise

100% quality assurance is the foremost importance for Jia Pin Bird’s Nest. Our bird’s nest products are naturally bound together. No artificial colouring, additives, commercial glue, preservatives or bleach are used to process the bird’s nest, ensuring 100% safe consumption and more nutritious for our customers. Great hygiene is practiced at every stage of production and processing, to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers.


By having our own bird’s nests house and processing plant in Sumatra, Indonesia, it allow us to have strict quality control in every steps to produce safe and pure bird’s nest for our customers.

Keeping Cost Low for You

By ensuring our bird’s nest are 100% genuine and pure, it enables us to offer the lowest water content in our products, as compared to others in the industry. Having our own processing plants also give us the benefit of supplying authentic and pure bird’s nests to you at very affordable prices, eliminating any high markup prices from middlemen.


This is how Jia Pin Bird’s Nest commit to our promise of quality assurance and keeping cost low for our customers.

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