Jia Pin Bird's Nest | Nutritional Benefits
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Nutritional Benefits

Why Consume Bird Nest?

Bird’s nest is widely reputed for its high nutritional benefits across most age groups to improve one’s overall well-being.

A Beauty Food for Women

Bird’s nest is traditionally used as a beauty food for women. Frequent consumption of bird’s nest promotes blood circulation to radiant skin, delays aging, improves complexion and maintain youthfulness.

Improve Immunity of Expectant-Mothers

For expectant-mothers, frequent consumption of bird’s nest will aids blood circulation, improve the immunity of the mother and foetus, and speed up post-natal recovery.

Maintain Health & Energy of Working Professionals

Men commonly take bird’s nest to boost immune system, strengthen the lungs, kidneys and overall well-being. This is especially beneficial for working professionals who are often busy with excessive work. Bird’s nest nutrients act as a good supplement for that additional boost to maintain good health and energy at work.

Relieve Respiratory Ailments in Seniors

Bird’s nest is traditionally taken by seniors to nourish vitality, relieve respiratory ailments such as chronic cough and phlegm, and encourage longevity by enhancing the immune system against illness. Frequent consumption also improves their appetite and digestion.

Encourage Healthy Growth & Child Development

Being rich in protein, amino acid, antioxidant and minerals, bird’s nest is a good supplement to encourage healthy growth and development of your child. Frequent consumption of bird’s nest promote good digestion and fortify your child’s immune system. Building a strong immune system allows your child to capitalise on his / her life opportunities and maximise the benefits.

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